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Semiconductor Material Technologies

Semiconductor Material Technologies

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Semiconductor Material Technologies examines various technologies related to semiconductor material that have been developed in the recent times. It includes five different sections corresponding to such technologies, where section 1 and 2 talks about semiconductor modeling and its manufacturing, section 3 and 4 highlights advanced plasma techniques for electronic applications and gallium nitride crystals and their application to the electronic devices. Section 5 describes about semiconductor structures for optoelectronic applications. Provide the reader with the insights into the development of these technologies helping the technicians adopt various techniques to build various products like integrated photovoltaic etc.

Stefano Spezia is Ph.D. holder in Applied Physics at the University of Palermo since April 2012. His major research experience is in noise-induced effects in nonlinear systems, especially in the fields of modeling of complex biological systems and simulation of semiconductor spintronic devices. Associate member of the Italian Physical Society and European Physical Society.