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Creative Design of Mechanical Devices

Creative Design of Mechanical Devices

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Creative Design of Mechanical Devices deals with the fundamental concepts of mechanical design and engineering. It includes the basic mechanism involved in the designing of mechanical devices and certain motion control systems. It provides the reader with the fundamental knowledge of mechanical design and engineering so as to analyze the basic mechanisms involved in mechanical devices and the applications of mems technology and electromechanical robotics. This book also discusses about robotic mechanical systems and microelectromechanical systems, applications of electromechanical robotics in forestry and agriculture, current trends and applications of mems technology in automotive industry and trends in the automatic control in aerospace.

Nelson Bolivar has a PhD. in physics from the University of Lorraine in France finished in 2014. His expertise is in quantum systems and condensed matter. His interest includes spintronic devices and correspondences between general relativity and condensed matter. He is currently an associate professor at the Central University of Venezuela