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The book 'Thermochemistry' takes the readers through the various aspects related to the areas in which thermodynamics finds its application in the field of chemistry. When the reactions take place, there is definite exchange of heat between the chemicals and the surroundings. Thermochemistry deals with the heat related aspects of the various chemical processes and finds the ways in which these processes can be applied for good and constructive use in the industry. This book makes the readers aware about the basic concepts of thermochemistry.

Dr. Rose obtained her PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of the Philippines-Diliman in 2013, Her Masters in Chemical Engineering and BS Chemical Engineering degree from Adamson University. She is also a Professor in the Graduate School Department under the Master of Engineering Program at Adamson University since 2006, and is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Environmental Engineering and Science, and the Department of Environmental Resource Management in Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science, Tainan Taiwan since 2010. She obtained her Post Doctorate Degree in Green Power: Hydrogen Generation and Fuel Cell Development from the University of California Merced, USA (in collaboration with the Energy Storage and Conversion Materials Laboratory of the University of the Philippines, Diliman) and is presently also a collaborating researcher at the Kindai University, Nara Japan, focusing on applications of electric and electrostatic field. Dr. Mendoza has several international and local researches covering Fuel cells and solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOECs), green energy and green technology, biomedical and natural products, fuels and fuel development, at water and wastewater treatment, recovery and remediation. She also published several international textbooks on water management, introductory chemical engineering and chemistry. Presently, Dr. Mendoza is the Chief Science Officer of Mark-Energy Revolution Corporation, Philippines.