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Environmental Engineering For Civil Engineers

Environmental Engineering For Civil Engineers

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This book on Environmental Engineering offers a thorough overview of different environmental stakeholders including water, air and materials present on earth. Considerable stress is given on the control of pollution caused by human activities. Apart from engineering principles, legal principles along with a comprehensive overview of risk analysis are also incorporated in the book. The text in the book mainly focusses on modern and classical engineering principles encompassing the production and control of water and air pollutants, hazardous and solid waste, etc. The quality of water and different water treatment technologies are also discussed in the book. Detailed analysis of air pollution, air quality and air quality control are embedded in this book. Effects of environmental pollution on human and animal health are also discussed in the book.

Tanjina finished her PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2014 from University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Now she is working as Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Centre for Technology in Water and Wastewater (CTWW) and published about eight International journal papers with 80 citations. Her research interest is wastewater treatment technology using adsorption process.