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Thermo and Fluid Dynamics: Recent Advances

Thermo and Fluid Dynamics: Recent Advances

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Thermo and fluid dynamics: recent advances examine various aspects of fluid dynamics and the recent developments that have taken place in the past few years. It includes a general description on thermodynamics, its laws and various theories related to it. Provide the reader with the insights into the development of thermo and fluid dynamics, so as to understand the macroscopic variables, such as internal energy, entropy, and pressure, that partly describe a body of matter or radiation.

Dritan Hoxha has a Masters of Education degree in Physics and a four years integrated university diploma in Physics from University of Shkoder “Luigj Gurakuqi,” Shkoder, Albania. He has 10 years of experience of teaching Physics. Currently, he is working as a teacher at Gulistan Foundation, Shkoder and Visiting Lecturer at University of Shkoder “Luigj Gurakuqi,” Albania.